Our Approach

We start with your story...

Every group has a story it tells. This story is your attractor. If people believe in your story they will grow its reach.

At GF, we help groups identify their core stories - your why, how, and what. We offer leadership and organizational coaching that refocuses you on what matters most.

We cultivate community...

People thrive when they feel authentically connected. Communities grow at the speed of trust. We roll up our sleeves and co-design team processes that build confidence, trust, and participation.

At GF, we do this using interactive data-supported instruments. Our goal is to scale up your team capacity to get you the performance and brand loyalty you deserve.

We repair and renew...

Groups inevitably experience conflict. We realize that power dynamics are messy and complicated. Dignity and justice can get tragically lost in the shuffle.

At GF, we use trauma-informed approaches that acknowledge both individual and system harms. Our conflict coaching and interventions make your group's transformative justice work more doable.

We leverage learning...

We believe that people want to grow and innovate. A byproduct of our best learning experiences is that they ignite curiosity, creativity, and innovation.

At GF, we offer tailored training experiences that welcome curious thinkers. We lower barriers, create access, and use inclusive learning strategies that never go out of style.

We find your fit...

We all need a starting point. Healthy groups and organizations have both baselines and benchmarks. These indicators tell us where we've come from and where we're headed.

At GF, we know planning is hard work. We make that work approachable and doable with precision tools that align your story with your values and objectives. Watching you meet your goals is why we do this work.

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